The company GoodPRO, s.r.o. – the manufacturer of branded equipment for firefighters introduces an active protection system, which significantly increases protective and useful function of suits for firefighters.

Under the brand name smartPRO – smart protection, the company GoodPRO, s.r.o. integrates sophisticated electronic systems into the firefighter suits shifting safety and protection of firefighters into a new level.

  • Radio Frequency IDentification enables contactless electronic identification of the suits. The jacket and trousers are equipped with heat and mechanically resistant RFID chips, which carry electronic information: a unique identification number, manufacturer, type of suit, size and date of production. This information can be read using a regular smartphone with NFC technology via the application – smartPRO RFID register (free download on GooglePlay).
  • The web part of the mentioned RFID register application offers firefighters other interesting and useful functions. After registration of the suit the user can record information on its deployment and maintenance. In additional, registered information can then be shared with commander or other members of the unit thanks to the function – group creation.
  • smartPRO RFID register technology servers not only as a permanent contactless electronic tag of the suit, but also as a database of important information about the suit, which firefighter has always available and can share with colleagues. The unique identification number in the RFID chip can be used by owner also in another software database.
  • The RFID chip is heat and water resistant and withstands any maintenance. Both chips are tightly connected to the jacket (right collar) and the trousers (right pocket). They are placed on the outer shell of the garment to be easily accessible and clearly visible under the RFID logo badge. Chips are integrated at customer´s request into any garment GoodPRO.
  • RFID register application can be used by customer for free.