About us

Our company was established in 1996 under the name vochoc, s.r.o. Since the very beginning we have been focused on production and development of personal protective equipment against heat risks under our own brand GoodPRO®. Since 2010 we have been intensively working on development of our FireProgramme – branded protective equipment for firefighters. After almost 25 years we have renamed our company according the name of our products  – GoodPRO®. We want to continue to fulfil meaning of our name – good protection.
We manufacture our products only from the best quality materials. We have direct partnership and support from important worldwide producers of branded natural and synthetic flame retardant fibres: Lenzing AG, Teijin Aramid B.V. and PBI Performance Products, Inc.
For several years, under the brand name smartPRO® we are developing smart garments for firefighters with new level of active protection. Thanks to integrated sophistical electronic systems our smart garments actively protect the firefighter, provide warnings about possible danger situation and communicate with the commander of the intervention.
For many years we are official partner of Czech TFA national team. In 2019 thanks to Michal Brousil our special garment FR4 FireBull TFA racing won the Czech Cup, Czech TFA Championship, European TFA Championship and The World police and fire games. GoodPRO® TFA racing team has over 50 racers in all categories.
We regularly exhibit our products on many European and world exhibitions, such as Interschutz, A+A, Dubai Intersec etc.
The brand GoodPRO® ensures not only 100% protection and reliability but also outstanding comfort. GoodPRO® products significantly contribute to your success while working in extreme conditions.

Protection and comfort – strength and success

Teijin Certificate